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If you’re struggling to find the right destination for a work lunch or Thursday night dinner, there’s no need to look any further. At Obi’s Barbecue, our menu is perfect for a quick bite or a sprawling meal with family and friends.

When it comes to barbecue, no one does it better in Marion, IN.

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Meat Candy-Pork Belly Burnt Ends: $10.99

Cubed pork belly, seasoned with our BBQ Dust and smoked. Finished with our signature sweet sauce. Delicious, fatty goodness!

World-Famous Obichos: $11.99

A magnificent nacho masterpiece made with fresh house made tortilla chips and topped with your choice of pulled pork, or pulled chicken, Mawmaw's Coleslaw, smoked beans, and nacho cheese.

Substitute brisket for $2 more.

Obifries (same as Obichos but over our French fries): $14.49

Mac-n-Cheese Bowl: $8.99

Our delicious, creamy mac-n-cheese made from scratch, topped with your choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken and sauce. Add brisket for $2.

Obi's Stuffed BBQ Baked Potato: $8.99

Delicious baked one-pound potato, loaded with your choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken, topped with nacho cheese, smoked beans, butter, sour cream, and dusted with our signature Obi's Meat Magic. Your choice of sauce drizzled over the top. Substitute brisket for $10.99.

Soup of the Day

Ask your server about our delicious rotating soups and stews!

Cup: $3.99

Bowl: $5.99


Fresh Cut Garden Salads: 5.99
add pulled Pork or Chicken for 1.99
and brisket for 2.99

Greek Salad
coming soon


Sweet Cornbread (2 Pieces): $1.59

Smoke Beans: $2.49

Mawmaw’s Coleslaw: $2.49


Collard Greens: $2.99

French Fries: $3.49

Baked Potato: $4.49


Soft Drinks: $1.99

Unsweet Tea: $1.99

Sweet Tea: $1.99

Coffee & Milk: $1.99

Sandwiches & Meats:

Pulled Pork: $9.99

Pulled pork seasoned with our famous Obi's BBQ Dust and smoked for up to 10 hours! Served ½-pound on a brioche bun.

Pulled Chicken: $9.49

Blend of our juicy, smoked chicken thighs and seasoned with our famous Obi's BBQ Dust! Served ½-pound on a brioche bun.

Beef Brisket: $12.99

Whole Packer brisket rubbed in black pepper and Obi's Meat Magic, and then smoked low and slow for 10 hours! Served sliced ½-pound on a brioche bun. Try it with a side of Obi's White BBQ sauce!

Sliders: $6.99

Smaller portion, but still satisfying featuring 2 sliders of your choice of Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken, or mix and match.

Double Smoked Wings: $12.99

Eight meaty, delicious wings seasoned with Obi's Meat Magic and smoked to perfection! Served with your choice of dipping sauce.

St. Louis Cut Ribs: $9.99 to $27.99

Tender ribs dry-rubbed with Obi's Meat Magic and Obi's BBQ Dust. Served dry (no sauce). We will add sauce at your request.

  • Three-Bone: $9.99
  • Half Slab: $15.99
  • Full Slab: $27.99

Half Chicken: $6.99

Delicious half-chicken seasoned and smoked just right.

Stuffed Grilled Cheese: $8.99

Grilled cheese stuffed with your choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken.

Smoked Sausage: $7.99

Served as a one-link portion.

Platters: $20.99 to $27.99

Choose your meat and a side for each.

2 Meats/2 Sides: $20.99

3 Meats/3 Sides: $27.99


Obi's Original Sweet BBQ

Obi's Original Spicy BBQ

Obi's White BBQ

Obi's Sriracha Buffalo Sauce

Obi's Carolina BBQ Sauce

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